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Aug 30, 2018

More cannibalism stuff, we know you love it (do you?).  This is a pretty rip roarin' damn fun episode, pardon our 5 minute aside about religion and the peril of being aware of one's own existence, the vast majority of this episode is about cannibalism!!!

Aug 16, 2018

Did Mark Wahlberg do 9/11?  Mostly the episode is about Richard Speck though, most of you probably know who he is, if not it's pretty bad.

Aug 2, 2018

GUYS WE'RE SO SORRY!!!  We know it's been almost a month since our last episode, we had to live our stupid lives.  We also know our stupid lives will end someday, we hope that you can forgive this transgression as we will all be long forgotten someday and all memory of this and other podcasts will cease.  Anyway lots of...